Danner Veterinary Hospital goes beyond the boundaries of delivering veterinary services exclusively to dogs and cats. Dr. Danner has more than 40 years of experience providing exceptional veterinary care across a diverse selection of animal species from local zoos, safari parks and exotic animal sanctuaries. His catalogue of clients includes pocket pets, ferrets, rabbits, birds such as parrots to chickens, monkeys, tigers, lions, bears, and more. Dr. Danner’s unique perspective enables him to treat your family pet with experience that few other veterinarians have.

Exotic animals are becoming more and more popular as pets. While they are extraordinary creatures and are amazing to adopt into your family, they do have some very specialized dietary and habitat requirements, and they have diseases that are unique to their species. Fortunately, for pet owners in northeast Oklahoma including South Tulsa, Jenks, and Bixby, Dr. Danner has decades of experience treating and caring for exotic animals and educating their owners about their unique needs.

“Excellence through Education” is the motto at Danner Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Danner believes in supplying you with information about your pet’s basic necessities before any problems occur. Exotic animals require special care, and as is the case with all animals, they have natural traits that need to be maintained such as the length of nails, teeth, and beaks. Yearly exams are essential in helping your special pet live a long and happy life. Many of these remarkable pets can be especially good at hiding their symptoms if they are sick. That is why it is very important for pet parents to watch for any changes in behavior. If you notice changes in your pet’s appearance, sleeping patterns, activity, feeding patterns, skin or feather changes, or if you notice your pet is weak, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Whether you need an appointment for your pet's yearly exam, or think that your pet might be feeling ill, Danner Veterinary Hospital is here for you.