Dan G. Danner, DVM

Dr. Danner is a Tulsa native who has led an extraordinary life for the last 42 years practicing diagnostic medicine, surgery, and personal family pet care for both domestic and exotic animals. He began his journey when he graduated from Edison High School in 1971. He went on to earn his Bachelors of Science and then his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1978. Following graduation, Dr. Danner pursued his keen interest in exotic animals, and interned at the Oklahoma City Zoo, and then spent three and a half years as associate veterinarian for Lion Country Safari in Dallas.

Dr. Danner returned to Tulsa and in 1988, he opened his own practice, the Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital (AMSH), which he owned until 2014. The hospital won National Design Awards from the American Animal Hospital Association and Veterinary Economics Magazine. The last 13 years that he owned the practice, Oklahoma Magazine voters nominated AMSH into the top three “Best of the Best” every one of those years. At AMSH, while continuing to see traditional equine, domestic, and small animals, Dr. Danner also treated exotic species such as zoo animals, wildlife, avian groups, and more than 350 primate families. He continues his work with Safari Sanctuary in Broken Arrow to this day.

In 2014, Dr. Danner sold AMSH and took time to have back surgery. After making a complete recovery, he began practicing at Village Vet Animal Hospital in Broken Arrow. In 2019, Dr. Danner purchased the Tulsa satellite practice All Creatures from its owner Dr. Setser. It had been in operation since 1988. Dr. Danner reopened it as Danner Veterinary Hospital, still located at 81st and South Harvard Ave.

Dr. Danner has always had a great interest in exotics and primates, along with pocket pets, canines and felines. Throughout his career, he has studied and refined advanced medical and surgical procedures on dogs, cats, birds, and other small pocket pets, as well as on many varied exotic species. He routinely performs surgeries such as major orthopedics (including back and knee surgeries), major soft tissue repair, tumor removals, and dentistry (including root canals). His special interests in veterinary medicine are surgery, dermatology, and dentistry.

Dr. Danner was appointed by Governor Brad Henry to the Oklahoma State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners where he served in many positions as the Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, and then President during two terms lasting for 10 years. The job of the OSBVME is to regulate and oversee the Oklahoma Veterinary Profession providing quality and ethical oversight to the public in Oklahoma. During that time in office, he was elected by the other regulatory State Boards to serve on the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) Board of Directors for two terms. The job of the AAVSB is to assist all the national State Boards with regulations, national testing, and oversight in any areas needed, to mention a few.

Dr. Danner is excited to continue his amazing career at Danner Veterinary Hospital; he loves what he does, and has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

In His Own Words:

"It has been a very interesting and experience filled 42 years in my veterinary career. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in high school training Palomino and Quarter horses and became the High Point Youth for the state of Oklahoma. Those early contacts helped me to get into Oklahoma State University Veterinary College. Having an interest in exotics, I interned at the Oklahoma City Zoo and then served as associate veterinarian at Dallas Lion Country Safari. Also while in Dallas, I had the opportunity to train at Animal Medical & Surgical Hospital. During that time period, I learned how to do everything from back surgery on paralyzed animals, to ACL knee surgery, orthopedics, and all facets of soft tissue surgery. AMSH was the cutting edge of companion animal medicine and surgery! Working with Texas A & M, Cornell, California UC Davis and other veterinary universities during that period, we actually helped in the research to create a PARVO vaccine which broke out in the late 1970s.

Amazing changes have taken place since I graduated and started practicing in 1978. The evolution and explosion of research and knowledge gained has increased the level and quality of care like we have never known. It is only in the last 22 years that pre-anesthetic blood work has become an important baseline to safeguard your pet’s health. The highest quality of medical care that your family has been receiving is now fully available in many veterinary hospitals.

During my time at the OKC Zoo and at Lion Country Safari, I did everything from repairing a broken tusk on an elephant to dental cleanings and root canal reconstructions on monkeys and lions and tigers and bears…...oh my! Here at Danner Veterinary Hospital, we have taken dental care to a whole new level, when possible, to save dying teeth. The care we give to Safari Sanctuary has me doing root canals on lions and tigers. Previously, when I was in full time practice, we had over 350 primate/monkey families in a 5 state area. All of this adds to the quality of care from a different area of treatments and surgeries. This is why we are so unique.

I have had extensive training in Irving, Texas with the largest after hours hospital before coming back home to Tulsa. During that time, I learned how to perform advanced surgeries, such as back surgeries, GI obstructions, cancer removals, and reconstructions. We took medical treatments to a higher level of care and compassion which greatly improved our success rate. All of these animals got back to a quality level of life with their families.

I also worked on horses that had been pulled out of trailer wrecks; or those who had run through a barbed wire fence. It took hours to repair the mayhem of tissue damage done and perform reconstruction as needed. I can’t forget doing a full open-abdomen colic surgery in a horse stall around midnight that had a very successful recovery.

I have been blessed to be the pediatrician for so many family pets, and it has been an amazing experience. Delivering puppies and kittens, or helping mothers needing C-sections is always so gratifying. I’ve been through more than 22 generations of delivering pet babies!

Having more than four decades of experience, I am one of the few veterinarians providing ear croppings. We have clients coming in from all over the three state area because it is getting harder to find quality surgeons that will provide proper care and pain management for this particular service.

The point of quality veterinary medicine and surgery is to give it your very best and know what your limits are. I have learned a lot in the last 40 plus years, and I love what I do!"

- Dr. Dan Danner