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Veterinary Diagnostics – Danner Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Diagnostics

Here at Danner Veterinary Hospital, we provide our clients  with the best medical care for their pets and have some of the latest technology for veterinary diagnostics. To find the cause of your pet’s illness, diagnosis testing is often required.

We understand how anxious pet owners can become when waiting for the results behind their beloved pets’ problems. We can offer faster and more accurate results. We have an on-site radiology, endoscope, as well as other imagery services, and an in-house medical laboratory that can help you get the results you need without further delay.

Offering these services on-site leads to a much faster diagnosis, so your pet can be given the proper treatment. We want the pets we treat and their owners to be happy and know they are in hands they can trust. Dr. Dan and staff can discuss all treatment options that are available for your pet, as well as any fees involved.

Digital Radiographs

The most common and useful tools for veterinary diagnostics are radiographs and X-rays. For our vets to give the correct treatment to an animal, they need an accurate diagnosis. Radiographs have the ability to show the pet’s bones and organs by penetrating the tissue using electromagnetic radiation. X-rays can be used to show fractured bones, heart problems, objects that have been swallowed, and many other things.

Digital radiographs offer some critical advantages:

  • No harsh chemicals are required to develop the images. This reduces any possible harm to the environment and those in it.
  • The images can be viewed on a computer immediately after being taken.
  • The images are clear and detailed. A quicker and more accurate diagnosis can be made as the image can be manipulated so our vets can get a better view of the pet’s internal organs and bones.
  • Digital images can be sent by email if a second opinion is needed.
  • Your pet will be on the X-ray table for a much shorter amount of time as the image takes a lot less time to process.

Laboratory testing

Our on-site lab means we can perform tests on blood, urine, and fecal samples ourselves. The results we receive from these tests are just as important for diagnosis as an ultrasound or X-ray images. These results are helpful for assessing your pet’s health and also detecting any diseases or other conditions, such as canine influenza.

  • Urinalysis – When your pet’s urine is tested in our laboratory, it can help us to detect any abnormal presences in the urine – such as sugar, protein, blood, or white blood cells. The concentration or dilution of your pet’s urine can also help us to determine an illness. Diabetes, kidney problems, urinary tract infection, dehydration, and other medical conditions can all be diagnosed through urinalysis.
  • Fecal examination – Your pet’s feces will be examined under a microscope, which can help us to diagnose many problems such as diseases, internal bleeding, pancreas disorders, and difficulties with digestion. A fecal examination can also show us if your pet has any parasites such as hookworm, whipworm, roundworm, giardia, and tapeworm.


An endoscopy is where we use special video cameras to assess areas that are within your pet’s body. It is performed for diagnostic purposes and allows us to investigate the hollow of an organ or the cavity of the body.

We can provide many other tests that help to keep your pet healthy, including:

  • Skin scrapes
  • Virus tests
  • Skin cytology
  • Mass cytology
  • Ear cytology
  • Heartworm disease
  • Blood gases
  • Pancreatitis testing
  • Chemistries
  • Complete blood counts

At Danner Veterinary Hospital, we aim to provide quality care when it matters most. We know how stressful it can be for owners to see their pets suffering, which is why we do our best to provide a quick and efficient service by offering vital veterinary diagnostics  in-house.

Convenient, Compassionate, Quality Care

Laboratory testing provides information about your pet’s overall systemic health without the need for invasive and expensive procedures and minimizes the time you need to wait for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

If you would like more information about the veterinary diagnostic services, call Danner Veterinary Hospital.  We look forward to your family member bouncing back as quickly as possible!  We offer the highest quality services and discuss all costs and details with you so that there are no surprises on the fees or procedures.