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History – Danner Veterinary Hospital

history of danner veterinary hospital

Dan G Danner, DVM

It has been a very interesting and experience filled 41 years in my veterinary career. I spent a lot of time in high school training Palomino and Quarter horses and became the High Point Youth for Oklahoma. Those contacts helped me to get into OSU Veterinary College. With an interest in exotics, I interned at the OKC Zoo and at Dallas Lion Country Safari. When in Dallas, I had the opportunity to train at Animal Medical & Surgical Hospital. During that 3 year period, I learned how to do everything from back surgery on paralyzed animals, ACL knee surgery, orthopedics etc. and all facets of soft tissue surgery. We have taken dental care to a whole new level when possible to save those dying teeth. The care we give to Safari Sanctuary has me doing Root Canals on Lions/Tigers. When I was in full time practice, we had over 350 primate/monkey families in a 5 state area. All of this adds to the quality of care from a different area of treatments and surgeries. This is why we are so unique

Ear crops seem to be hard to find quality surgeons with proper care and pain management. We have clients coming in from all over the three state area. In my last practice, the American Animal Hospital Association and Veterinary Economics, a major trade journal, chose my hospital to be "Second in the Nation" in 1988 for quality care and design. The Oklahoma Magazine had us in the "Best of the Best" top 3 practices for 13 years. Another honor we are very proud of. I was also appointed to the Oklahoma State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for 10 years and elected to the American Association of Veterinary State Boards, and was elected for 2 terms on the Board of Directors. These are the groups who review quality and ethical veterinary care from each and every practitioner. Another proud honor. These collective honors and experiences have us in a very proud league!

The point of quality veterinary medicine and surgery is to give it your very best and know what your limits are. I have learned a lot in the last 41 years and love what I do!

That is why Danner Veterinary Hospital has opened with full care and referral business from all over NE Oklahoma. 

Found out what we can do for your family pet member! 

Dan G. Danner DVM, BS